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Delivered by Margot Parker on 20 April 2015

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The town of Boston and in fact, Lincolnshire as a whole, will be under the media glare in the next few weeks.

I'm sure the good people of this county are already used to news teams and media crews in their towns and cities - Boston itself, always seems to be in the news doesn't it?

Many of those people are probably already fed-up with the television, radio and general media blitz about the forthcoming General Election but I hope 'election fatigue' does not set in too deeply.

After all, it is vitally important people use their vote - the people of this county and beyond have a major chance of really securing change for the country - by voting UKIP they can change the course this country is on.

Earlier this month I was in Boston. There I met dozens of people keen to hear about UKIP's message and our candidate Robin Hunter-Clarke, who, of course, won a county council seat in 2013.

Our leader Nigel Farage spoke at two public meetings in the evening, along with myself and Robin, with each meeting seeing about 400 people turn up to hear what we had to say.

That was really pleasing - we had some great questions put to us and both audiences were keen to get involved in politics and find out more about the issues.

Of course, there are big issues in the Boston area - particularly immigration and the local Pilgrim Hospital which is under threat of closure or downgrading.

These are just two of the big factors which influence people who vote and UKIP has the most sensible policy on immigration - the introduction of an Australian-style points system for example.

We are also passionate about the NHS, something we cherish. Our policy is clear - the NHS is and will remain funded through general taxation and free at the point of delivery.

My message is clear - vote for Robin in Boston and vote UKIP across Lincolnshire but whoever you vote for make sure you use that vote, Democracy is vitally important.


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