UKIP would cater for everyone

Delivered by on 29 July 2014


Further to your Soapbox piece by Anne Johns, (July 26 edition), I felt compelled to write to explain UKIP's position on education.

Your correspondent was correct in saying we want to bring back grammar schools but that does not mean we don't care or want to marginalise those who don't attend such schools.

UKIP is quite clear on this  - everyone, regardless of academic ability, deserves the best possible education. A good education is a good education and it is very child's right to get the best possible schooling suited to their abilities and needs - the Government must provide this.

Young people all have sorts of skills - whether they be academic, creative, or artistic - UKIP would make sure they are all catered for and ensure none would slip through the net.

Yours faithfully,

Margot Parker,

UKIP MEP for Derbyshire. 









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