UKIP's Margot Parker praises intern who rolled the dice again aged 48

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 12 September 2017

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UKIP's Women's and Equalities spokesperson Margot Parker has praised a 48-year-old mum for re-joining the job market and learning new skills.

Margot, East Midlands MEP for the party, said: "I was most interested in the story over the past few days of Katherine Foster.

"Her story is fascinating.

"She scooped an internship at The Spectator - nothing particularly striking about that you may think.

"But Katherine is a 48-year-old mother of three and her story has hit national headlines.

"She rolled the dice again and why not? After all, we may be working until we are 70, so there is plenty of time to learn a new skill or take on a new job.

"I take my hat off to Katherine - she showed such an enterprising spirit and has showed employers a novel way of tapping into skills they may not have previously recognised.

"She is a shining example to women, (and indeed men), of just what can be achieved with a bit of imagination and 'he who dares wins' attitude.

"This country needs more Katherine Fosters and more employers willing to give such resourceful workers a try.


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