UKIP: Margot Parker MEP – Budget reaction

Delivered by Margot Parker on 16 March 2016

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Margot Parker, UKIP's small business spokesman, has spoken in reaction to the Chancellor's budget statement.

She said: "Overall there is quite a bit of positive news for small businesses in this year's budget.

"Lowering corporation tax, raising the tax threshold for the 40p band and increasing the personal allowance will all help small business owners. The continued freeze on fuel duties will also be of help.

"News of the increased threshold for business tax relief is welcome. The UKIP 2015 General Election Manifesto addressed the existing low threshold and I'm happy to see the Chancellor was paying attention to us.

"However, more concerning was the failure to make any mention of measures to address the problems of late payments to SMEs by large companies - this disruption decimates small businesses' cash flows.

"I am also worried  raising the insurance premium tax will simply result in higher premiums for small businesses as the affected companies pass on the new levy.

"All this being said, the relevance of this budget is questionable - everything the Chancellor has said is based upon the idea we will stay a part of the EU and still be unable to fully control what happens in the UK.

"Instead of talking about the opportunities post-Brexit , George Osbourne instead used his budget statement to further the government's 'Project Fear' agenda.

"Perhaps he would like to explain how being in the EU helps small businesses when only 10 per cent of them export to the EU but 100 per cent have to comply with EU rules? Perhaps he would like to justify how EU membership is a good thing for small businesses when it can cost them as much as 10 times more per employee to comply with EU rules than it does for a large company?

 "Free from the EU, we would be much more able to create a comprehensive business-friendly tax system, target schemes and funds to support business and industry and support the UK's SMEs as well as they deserve to be supported."









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