UKIP leader launches his campaign in Boston and Skegness

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 16 May 2017

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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has launched his election campaign in Boston and Skegness.

The MEP, who is standing for the seat in the forthcoming election, launched the campaign, along with Lincolnshire UKIP MEP Margot Parker.

He went on a walkabout starting at The Robin Hood Inn in Boston, where met and chatted with the pub landlord and was presented with two bottles of local ale.

The next stop was the fisherman's Quayside, to discuss fishing problems and the Boston Barrier with local fisherme,n along with UKIP fishing spokesman Mike Hookem MEP and Margot Parker.

Mr Nuttall then popped into Carl Dunham's butchers on London Road to buy some stuffed chine.

After that he went onto East Lincolnshire Seafood to speak to workers and see the shrimps, cockles, mussels caught in in The Wash by Boston fishermen.

He then moved onto the Pincushion Inn to meet locals in what Sky News has described as the 'Most Brexit Pub in Britain'.

Mrs Parker said: "It was a really good day and we met so many people we could chat to about UKIP policies and Brexit.

"It was most interesting to speak to the fishermen. They spoke about the 1988 UK Merchant Fishing Act, which was drafted to prevent foreign-owned vessels being registered as British, and was then ruled illegal by the European Court of Justice on the grounds it contravened Article 7 of The Treaty of Rome.

 "This meant unelected Brussels bureaucrats made the rules and consequently, the British fishing fleet is less than one quarter of its original size and is being further reduced."

During the launch, Mr Nuttall revealed his five pledges on the side of the UKIP battle bus, (see picture).




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