The situation of women refugees and asylum seekers in the EU

If the UK had sensible immigration controls such as the Australian-points system, we could do more to help genuine refugees and offer protection to those suffering persecution.

But because we have 300,000 net people coming to Britain every year, the government tries to look tough to respond to legitimate public concern.

So they make it more difficult for the people we actually need from the Commonwealth, and those we should be offering protection to; in favour of unlimited numbers of unskilled workers from Europe with no criminal background checks.

It is cynical and disgraceful.

Over 1 million people came to Europe in 2015.

With both Merkel saying anyone can come, and through the Qualification Directive, the EU is encouraging vulnerable women and children to make the deadly journey over the Mediterranean this plays in to the hands of traffickers and causes loss of life.

Europol said 10,000 migrant children are missing, with many caught up in sexual exploitation.

The EU has opened the door to millions of people from countries and cultures that treat women as second class citizens and LGBTI people even worse.

Is it any wonder, we then see the shocking scenes in Cologne and Sweden with women being sexually assaulted and humiliated?

For the safety of our own women, and for the welfare of those seeking refuge, we must scrap these EU policies and leave the EU.



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