Systematic mass murder of religious minorities by ISIS (debate)



  Margot Parker, on behalf of the EFDD Group . - Mr President, I would like today to raise the tragic issue of the persecution of Christians in refugee camps. After escaping the horrors most people only see on their TV screens, many Christians face targeted persecution because of their faith in UN-registered camps right across the Middle East. Perhaps even more shockingly, this behaviour has been witnessed in Germany, with families returning to Iraq rather than suffer the continued persecution they face by radical Islamists here in Europe. This is for those Christians that are lucky enough to make it to Europe.

The persecution in these camps means that many Christians are forced to leave. It is from these camps that legitimate refugee cases are processed. The situation they face is so bad that only a tiny percentage of Christians are processed by the UN. This is scandalous at a time when they are at their most vulnerable and are supposed to actually be in a safe haven; surely these people should not have to continue to suffer in this way.





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