Smoking ban led to demise of pub trade

Delivered by Margot Parker on 29 July 2014

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So, this week we 'celebrate' the seven year anniversary of the smoking ban in England.

A ban, which has been a big contributory factor to the demise of the pub trade and of course, a ban which strengthened the nanny state and placed further limitations on personal freedoms.

The British pub is famous worldwide and the destruction caused by the smoking ban has been devastating with figures showing more than 20 pubs a week closing - resulting in lost trade, lost jobs and as importantly, breakdowns in communities.

Our pubs are focal points of the community, where for decades people have stopped off and chatted. Much like the village post office, they now seem to be vanishing into the pages of history.

The 'Great British Pub' needs protecting like never before. We need to amend the smoking ban in pubs to allow landlords and managers to provide contained and ventilated smoking rooms.

We also need to look at pricing structures to allow pubs to compete with supermarkets and we, in UKIP, are calling for a fairer balance all round.

Of course, at the moment e-cigarettes are growing in popularity - how long before the Government bans them in our pubs and clubs too?


Roger Helmer and Margot Parker, UKIP MEPs for the East Midlands.




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