Slash VAT to stop the rise of Ukip - Margot Parker hits back

Delivered by Margot Parker on 21 October 2014

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UKIP MEP and small business spokesman Margot Parker described the backing of a VAT cut as "a cynical ploy by the Conservatives who want for nothing more than to save their precious seats."

She added: "Calling for a VAT cut here and there is all well and good, but our vote is not shored up by hoteliers alone. If they really had the interests of small businesses at heart they would be looking to leave the EU with its deluge of burdensome regulation. What about looking at high business rates? Introducing free parking? Helping our pubs and clubs, squeezed by myopic Government policy? Once again it's the Conservative Party putting the Conservative Party first, with sham policies designed with only their self-preservation in mind."



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