Package Travel and assisted travel arrangements

Thank you Mr President,

Enhancing consumer protection and consumer rights is something I will always advocate throughout my time as a politician. I cannot, however, support these proposals.

Fundamentally, my issues lie with the fact that this directive allows little to no scope for Member States to make changes that diverge from the provisions of this directive. By imposing this ridiculous level of harmonisation you are simply presuming that all changes to this directive are suitable for all 28 Member States.

Well I can tell you something today, Mr President, - It's not.

For my country, the United Kingdom, these changes are not entirely suitable. If I may reference a UK Government report directly, 'the proposal is far from perfect'.

Why should the UK government be bound to abide by something it doesn't fully support?

Once again this is just another example of the EU enforcing a 'one size fits all' policy with a total disregard for the individual needs of Member States. I say let's increase protection for consumers, but let's allow national governments to regulate this protection.  

Thank you.



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