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Delivered by Margot Parker on 18 September 2015

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During his campaign to become the MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire, Tom Pursglove sent a letter to constituency voters in which he made a very large play of his 'Eurosceptic' credentials and his commitment to campaigning alongside myself and UKIP on the OUT side during the upcoming referendum on Britain's EU membership.

Given the assurances made in that letter, I have been patiently waiting for Mr Pursglove to follow through on his sentiments.

After weeks of nothing, he finally raised his head above the parapet during the commons vote on Monday, September 7 and was one of the 37 'Tory rebels' who voted against David Cameron's shameful attempts to rig the referendum by suspending purdah rules, which allowed the full weight and resources of government to campaign to 'stay' in the EU.

I welcome Mr Pursglove's vote and hope it heralds the start of more of the solid Euroscepticism he promised.

It is long past time for Eurosceptic Conservative MPs and ministers to stop sitting on the fence waiting for the results of a renegotiation which everyone knows will result in, at best, superficial and negligible benefits to this country.






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