NEWSLETTER - February 2016

Delivered by Margot Parker on 15 February 2016

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Welcome to the latest newsletter from Margot Parker MEP. The intention of this newsletter is to inform you about what Margot and her team are up to as well as to communicate any key information or statements produced by UKIP. 

From the office of Margot Parker MEP

"A slightly belated Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a good Christmas and a great start to 2016.

"This is likely to be a big year for UKIP as it is almost certain David Cameron will call the referendum on our membership of the European Union by the end of the year.

"He doesn't have to - he can wait until the end of 2017 if he wants to - but given the EU is stumbling into crisis after crisis it will probably suit him to do so sooner rather than later!

"The flow of crises will continue. It is estimated three million more immigrants will enter the EU this year, attracted by Angela Merkel's ill-advised decision to invite everyone claiming to be Syrian to come to Germany. What is terrifying is that in a few years these millions will have EU passports and come to the UK at will.

"Beyond immigration, the Eurozone's problems have not gone away.

"Greece, Portugal, Spain and possibly Italy and France will be experiencing varying levels of economic turmoil as 2016 advances, throwing more negative light on the failure of the EU.

"This is why the referendum will most likely be this year. It may be as early as June! Just let that sink in - June - just a few months to get out there and persuade the undecideds to embrace a once-in-a-generation chance to reclaim our sovereignty and our democracy. I look forward to working with many of you to this end.

"We also have local elections in the East Midlands and need both candidates and those willing to help those candidates campaign. Beyond that, many of us will be helping in the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish devolved Parliamentary elections - UKIP has a real chance to break through in these, which will go some distance to making up the unfairness of the general election result.

"So, all to play for in 2016 on multiple fronts. As I said, it's going to be a big year for UKIP and together we can make it a great one."

Referendum Update

Branches throughout our region have been working at communicating the LEAVE argument to people since the day after the General Election made it inevitable that we would finally be given the chance to vote on the UK's relationship with Europe before the end of 2017.

Many branches have held public meetings and organised street stalls to distribute the material coming from not only UKIP but also other organisations who want the same thing - the independence of the United Kingdom and our sovereignty restored.

UKIP remains neutral until the Electoral Commission is made, so as a party we are not yet endorsing anyone.

Until they make their decision, feel free to distribute materials for these other groups alongside our own and, if you want to, get involved with them in a more active capacity on an individual basis.

New UKIP EU referendum materials are in the works and leaflets will be available very soon for branches to print to support their campaigning activities. If you want more information about them, please contact your local branch or  

The timing of the referendum is still uncertain, but it is possible it could be as early as June this year, so we may not have long to make our case to those undecided about the EU. If you would like to get involved with your local branch and support this campaign, please check this list  of branch contact details on Margot's website. 

GO campaign launch in Kettering - By Nick Tite.

"The buzz surrounding the Out (or GO) public campaign launch was evident even before we reached Kettering Conference Centre.

"There were queues of cars, people rushing about to get in on time, you could almostsmell the anticipation.

"GO itself is a cross party organisation that is intended to combine and coordinate the grassroots efforts by people on the "leave" side of the referendum argument. It is not vying for the official Electoral Commission designation and is not in opposition to either of the campaigns that are front-runners for that designation (Vote Leave and Leave.EU).

"And at the public meeting in Kettering, on Saturday, January 23, more than 2,000 put party politics aside to hear some rousing speeches, introduced by Margot, who chaired the meeting.

"UKIP leader Nigel Farage MEP, Conservative MPs Peter Bone, Philip Hollobone, Tom Pursglove and Dr Liam Fox, Labour MP Kate Hoey and DUP MP Sammy Wilson, all delivered inspirational speeches which had the audience cheering and applauding.

"The speeches were informative too and gave the audience plenty of ammunition to debunk the myths that leaving the EU would cost us jobs and business.

"All of the above then signed the 'Kettering Declaration' which stated the signatories would set aside any party-political differences during the campaign and work together to secure a Leave Vote when the referendum happens.

"This is a very positive and exciting development and shows the 'leave' side coming together in order to win the most important electoral battle of our lifetimes."

"You can view the meeting online here

Brexit FAQs Document

Margot and her team have put together a document with some of the most commonly encountered questions and myths relating to the UK leaving the EU. This is mainly intended for branches and members to prepare themselves for knocking on doors or manning street stalls, but it has answers and facts that could prove of use to even seasoned campaigners.

The document is now in its second version and includes an excellent blog post by Roger Helmer MEP addressing and debunking the pro-European newspaper that has been delivered throughout the region and country. This is an important addition and Roger's rebuttals should serve you well. Nick Tite, who works for both our MEPs said there had already been interest from branches, the media and the public in Roger's blog.

If you would like a copy, you can have it either as a PDF file that you can print out for yourself, or you can have a printed and bound copy - free of charge. Either way, please email with your preferred format and mailing address if necessary.

Feel free to share these with other members, or even to give them out to members of the public if you want.


On Margot's website is a section which give access to her speeches  in the European Parliament. You can see a list of Margot's speech activity in the European Parliament here .

Margot in the Media

There are many occasions where letters, quotes or comments from Margot make it into the local, national or international press. Here are a few selection of stories which you may find interesting. You casn find these stories and more on the site.

At a meeting of the FEMM committee Margot was speaking about the appalling sexual assaults perpetrated by mobs of migrant men in Cologne and other cities on New Years Eve. Labour MEP Mary Honeyball took exception to Margot's asking some very serious questions about this issue and called Margot a racist for even bringing it up! 

The Tata Steel job loses being inflicted upon communities across the UK, including in our own region, is a telling example of how EU environmental and economic policy is bad for Britain. Uncompetitive energy prices and massively complicated regulations that impose an expensive and encumbering administrative burden are doing little more than drive our heavy industry to other countries, resulting in job losses that could easily have been avoided.

We often hear about how much "business" wants to stay in the EU, but increasing numbers of big businesses are saying that will continue to operate and invest in the UK regardless of a vote to leave the EU. Margot welcome's Toyota's commitment to stay in the UK.

Margot spoke to Russia Today about Angela Merkel's awful decision to throw open Germany's (and Europe's) borders to effectively unlimited numbers of people, throwing not only her own country but the entire European Union into turmoil.

And finally something we should all keep an eye on to make sure it does not happen - the likely possibility of the EU pouring enormous amounts of money into the "stay" campaign. Margot quoted in the The Daily Express on the EU funding pro-EU propaganda during the referendum.

Police and Crime Commissioner candidates

There are five force areas in the East Midlands and UKIP will be standing candidates for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner in all of them. These are our candidates:

Derbyshire - Stewart Yeowart

Leicestershire - David Sprason

Lincolnshire - Victoria Ayling

Nottinghamshire - Fran Loi

Northamptonshire - Sam Watts

Congratulations to all of our candidates and thank you for putting yourselves forward. While many of us sometimes struggle to get excited about PCC elections, they are very important elections for a senior public-service post that should be open, democratic and accountable to the voters in their force areas.

Please do everything you can to support these candidates alongside your campaigning activities for the referendum and local elections.



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