More action needed over mesh implants

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 3 November 2017

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MARGOT Parker MEP has called for more action to be taken over the use of vaginal mesh implants.

UKIP's new deputy leader was speaking after a parliamentary debate last month.

She said: "I welcome the announcement made that the Government will bring forward NICE guidelines on problems associated with vaginal mesh, which were due to be issued next April.

"But I still feel more should be done.

"There is a case for an immediate suspension of their use and an audit of women who have had the procedure.

"While this procedure is still being carried out, I feel doctors should at least be instructed to explain fully to women that there have been very distressing and painful problems with this procedure.

"We cannot have a situation where women are not aware of all the facts and research, while we wait for the guidelines.

"Women's health must be taken seriously - there has to be clarity on this topic. There has been too much suffering."





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