MEP Margot Parker calls for inquiry into vaginal mesh procedures

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 11 August 2017

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A CALL for a public inquiry into transvaginal mesh procedures has gone out from Margot Parker MEP.

The UKIP MEP and party's Women's and Equalities spokesperson has spoken out on what some doctors have called the most serious medical scandal since Thalidomide.

The procedure is carried out to treat organ prolapse or urinary incontinence, often common conditions after childbirth.

But there have been widespread reports of bleeding, pelvic pain, infection and other painful side effects.

Margot said: "It is about time Parliament held a public inquiry into this.

"The issue seems to have escaped the public eye somewhat - maybe because of what many sufferers feel is the 'stigma' surrounding female genitalia.

"As the party's Women's and Equalities spokesperson I am also concerned that as this is a condition which directly affects women it is not being treated seriously enough.

"We are seeing legal action being taken in the United States and it is time for Parliament to open up and look closely at this procedure before more women suffer.

"I feel the NHS should suspend the procedure while an inquiry is carried out. It is reported the procedure was approved by the EU without proper investigation."

Margot said that only last month, a group of women from across the UK met with MPs at Westminster as part of a campaign to ban the mesh.

She said: "We must listen to these women - it is unacceptable for this procedure to continue without an inquiry into its safety.
"For those women who have suffered it may be little consolation but at least we can prevent further pain and suffering."





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