Margot Parker - standing up for our schools

Delivered by Margot Parker on 26 November 2014

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To The Editor,

Dear Sir,

We read with interest your piece on Middle Rasen Primary School, (November 20, 2014), in which the head teacher said that Ofsted branding her school 'too English' had been blown out of all proportion.

It seems a pity the focus on one small section of the Ofsted report had deflated morale at the school on near Market Rasen.

What a shame. Ofsted gave the school a 'good' rating and the positives of the report should be pressed home not one small part  - indeed, the head, Melonie Brunton, said that particular section simply highlighted the fact there was a lack of children from other cultures at the school, not that it was 'too English'.

It's refreshing to see The Lincolnshire Echo - part of our much-valued local press - set the record straight and cut through the throwaway headlines.

And as for the school? It appears it has a dedicated and committed staff which we are sure will work on the aspects highlighted in the Ofsted report and reach its targets.


Roger Helmer and Margot Parker MEPs for Lincolnshire






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