Margot Parker responds to Apple Tax ruling

Delivered by Margot Parker on 5 September 2016

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The EU has accused the Republic of Ireland of unfair state support of a business with regards Apple, and ordered the company to pay £11 billion in taxes. Marker Parker, UKIP MEP for the East Midlands and the party's small business spokesman responded.

"It is quite right we do as much as we can to address tax avoidance by big companies, who often use EU harmonisation rules as a way to pay as little tax as possible. There is no doubt a moral aspect to this, and working the system to avoid tax is at best ethically dubious.
Alongside the tax avoidance situation, Mrs Parker identified the ruling as another example of the EU running roughshod over national governments.
"If the Irish electorate is unhappy with the arrangements made between their government and Apple, it should be up to them to express their dissatisfaction through the ballot box. The message of what is acceptable when it comes to attracting big companies and inward investment is one the citizens of a country must answer.

"The EU has aspirations to take an even more invasive stance when it comes to the tax mechanisms of both member-states and private citizens. It is completely in character for it to make this sort of ruling, undermining the authority of the Irish government - indeed, it is a sign of how involved they will increasingly become when it comes to taxation of both companies and individuals.
"Thank goodness the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. At least the final authority on tax - as well as all other aspects of our economy and society - will be up to British politicians accountable to British voters, and not decided by appointed bureaucrats in Brussels."





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