Margot Parker - praise for latest Nottingham candidate

Delivered by Margot Parker on 26 November 2014

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UKIP has chosen its candidate to fight the Nottingham North seat in next year's general election.

Stephen Crosby will fight the traditionally Labour stronghold - a stronghold which is rapidly losing its grip as Labour continues to fail working people.

Mr Crosby was involved in voluntary cross community activity in East Belfast for 10 years engaging with the police, community groups, business traders, local government agencies and political representatives.

He said: "I strongly believe law abiding citizens should have confidence in the public servants in their neighbourhood."

Nottingham branch chairman Francesco Lari said: "Nottingham North was a labour stronghold but Labour is increasingly losing touch with the working people. UKIP is the only answer to the needs of the workers that see their livelihood threatened by uncontrolled immigration and a political class which doesn't address their needs - Nottingham North will turn into an UKIP strong hold for many years to come."

Nottingham MEP Margot Parker said: "Stephen is another fantastic UKIP candidate for Nottingham. The impetus is with us now after last week's Rochester victory. Now we must turn our attentions to May, 2015, and build on our recent successes."

Mr Crosby is married and has two teenage daughters. As a late developer at school he combined family commitments, full time employment, becoming a self-employed manufacturing engineer in the aerospace industry and a reasearcher.

He holds a Bachelor of Theology Degree, Master of Science in Manufacturing, Management and Technology and a Master of Philosophy in Manufacturing Engineering.

He wishes to prioritise the issue of underachievement among our own young people being convinced that their full potential has not been realised in many of our low income families. He works in the Nottingham area and hopes to share his experience of family life, employment and community work as he serves his constituents and colleagues.



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