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Margot Parker MEP - We cannot allow another generation of women to be harmed

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 2 April 2019

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MARGOT Parker MEP has said we cannot allow another generation of women to be harmed after moves were announced to lift the ban on vaginal mesh procedures.

The East Midlands MEP, who has campaigned on the procedure, was speaking after health watchdogs said the ban could be lifted if certain conditions are met.

But Mrs Parker said: "There have been widespread reports of bleeding, pelvic pain, infection and other painful side effects.

"We must listen to these women - it is unacceptable for this procedure to be brought back. For those women who have suffered it may be little consolation but at least we can prevent further pain and suffering.

"Women's health must be taken seriously - there has to be clarity on this topic. There has been too much suffering. Many women are living in pain every day."

She said the the suspension of vaginal mesh implants should be continued, until and independent review, led by Baroness Julia Cumberlege, publishes its findings later this year.

She said: "This has wrecked lives - we are not yet in a position to reintroduce this procedure and potentially harm another generation of women."



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