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Margot Parker MEP - This Government capitulates constantly to the European Union

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 17 May 2019

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The latest developments on our Prime Minister's position and the ongoing mess she has made over the Brexit negotiations continue to leave the country in limbo.

Theresa May's botched handling of Brexit leaves us all in a state of uncertainty.

The country is fed up waiting - the British people voted to leave in 2016 and we are still waiting.

This Government capitulates constantly to the European Union - there are so many opportunities for us to trade globally, free of the restrictions of the EU.

The world is waiting - President Trump for instance, knows the value of the UK as a trading partner. The US is our biggest export market and along with other emerging markets, offers us a chance trade freely.

Let us have pride in our country and wonderful entrepreneurs and business people we have by investing in our country and in its people. Brexit offers us a fantastic opportunity - so let's get on with it!




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