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Margot Parker MEP - shocked at case of Christian mother facing death penalty over blasphemy

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 8 October 2018

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THE widespread persecution of Christians must stop says MEP Margot Parker.

The East Midlands MEP was speaking after it emerged Christian mother Asia Bibi is facing the death penalty after being accused of insulting Mohammed under Pakistani blasphemy laws.

Mrs Parker said: "This is truly shocking and indicative of an intolerant culture with no regard - legal, moral or cultural - of other faiths.

"Quite part from the fact that Asia Bibi denies the charges, this type of intolerance and cruelty must end.

"Expression of faith is a basic human right and while we value the contributions of other religions, the Christian faith must be respected.

"In the UK and the rest of Europe we see this denial of expressing Christian faith but in other parts of the world the persecution is much, much worse.

"Christianity is an ancient religion with firm roots in the Middle East - Christians must be allowed to practice their faith, free from persecution and free from threats to their lives.

"There is no more persecuted and more disregarded religious group in the world than Christians and this has to stop now, as the case of Asia Bibi clearly proves.

"This woman has been torn from her family and children under Medieval-type laws which should have no place in today's world."




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