Margot Parker MEP renews calls for tampon tax to be cut now!

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 4 August 2017

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Margot Parker, UKIP spokesman for Women and Equalities has renewed her calls for VAT on tampons to be axed immediately.

Only last month, the East Midlands MEP said the fact VAT on tampons was still in force proved just how slowly the EU works.

After asking questions of the EU Commission, she learned the proposal to cut VAT may be adopted by the end of 2017 and said the decision-making process proved just how slowly the EU moved.

She said: "Outside of the EU we could have scrapped this archaic tax without any fuss. Nothing will happen until the end of the year and then there will be years of wrangling before it became law."

Her renewed call for action followed the decision by supermarket giant Tesco to cut the price of women's sanitary products by five per cent to cover the VAT charge.

Margot said: "The decision by Tesco is, of course, welcome and I hope other stores follow its lead but this doesn't detract from how long the wheels of the EU turn and how slowly decisions are made.

"We have been fighting for this VAT charge to be scrapped for some years - if we had control over own laws we could move much more quickly than waiting in line for decisions to be made by bureaucrats.

"I look forward to the day this unfair charge is scrapped but women should be told when and not forced to wait for the EU."






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