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Margot Parker MEP - Once again we are seeing and hearing horrendous reports of female genital mutilation

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 2 November 2018

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Once again we are seeing and hearing horrendous reports of female genital mutilation, (FGM).

Recently, two sisters bled to death in Somalia after they were forced to undergo this barbaric practice. They were ten and 11. This is appalling.

It is thought there are 200 million - yes 200 million - women and girls who are survivors of FGM and this is despite most countries recognising it is a gross violation of women's rights.

Research shows that religious beliefs can sustain and perpetuate FGM and it also shows religious leaders are instrumental in changing the mind-sets of those who still believe the practice should be carried out.

We must collaborate with religious leaders who work to end FGM - it has to be understood there is no legitimate justification in any regard - religious, health, or otherwise - for FGM.

Of course, it happens in this country too - indeed, many of these crimes are committed before these women reach the UK but there are also instances where the procedure is undertaken in this country and the only way to make it known this is not going to be tolerated is to bring prosecutions.

The physical and mental trauma this disgusting practice causes is heart-breaking for the victims.

The practice is abhorrent and is something we should, as a society, make clear is not acceptable under any circumstances and politically correct cultural sensitivities be damned!


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