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Margot Parker MEP Not one perpetrator of FGM has been brought to justice in the UK

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 25 May 2018

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MARGOT Parker MEP has reacted to a report which shows that despite nearly 6,000 new cases of female genital mutilation, (FGM), being reported in the UK, there has still not been one conviction.
The latest findings from Quilliam International, (see notes to editors), reports that in 2016-2017, there were 5,391 new cases of FGM recorded in the UK, but not a single perpetrator was brought to justice.
The report discusses a variety of reasons why the UK remains alone in Europe in its inability to prosecute FGM, including dis-empowered survivors, a lack of witnesses, cultural sensitivity, a severe lack of education and resources for victims, and the existence of legal loopholes.
Mrs Parker, MEP for the East Midlands, said: "This is shameful.
"This abhorrent crime is happening all around us and yet justice is not being done.
"This is abuse - plain and simple.
"The authorities - legal, criminal and health professionals - all have to be vigilant and report this abuse.
"It is being carried out 'underground' and even before these women reach the UK but there are also instances where the procedure is undertaken in this country and the only way to make it known this is not going to be tolerated is to bring prosecutions.
"The practice is abhorrent and is something we should, as a society, make clear is not acceptable under any circumstances and politically correct cultural sensitivities be damned. The authorities have to be less passive - we have to get a grip of this problem."



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