Margot Parker MEP - NHS should be our priority

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 8 January 2018

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UKIP deputy leader and the party's spokesperson on aid and international development Margot Parker MEP has backed calls for money to be diverted from foreign aid budgets to help solve the crisis in the NHS.

The East Midlands MEP spoke out after it was revealed by The Daily Express that the UK is is committed to spending £225m a year on family planning in the Third World.

The Government is signed up to support hundreds of clinics offering contraception advice, the majority of which are in Africa, with foreign aid cash until at least 2022..

Mrs Parker said: "We read this news at the same time our hospitals are cancelling operations.

"Surely, the NHS should be our priority? People are tired of hearing how money is going on foreign aid projects, which, quite frankly, are not emergencies.

"There are many good reasons to help out Third World countries but we must prioritise where money is going - non-emergency health care in foreign countries is not a priority.

"The Government appears to be saying it can spend millions on foreign aid and give the NHS the money it needs.

"Anyone who has had to use the NHS in the past few weeks would say it clearly is not able to do both."

She said the Government has to get a grip on how money is spent abroad, particularly at a time when the NHS and social care provision in our own country is under immense strain.

She added: "The people of this country must think it bizarre we have to stick to defined aid targets at the expense of reacting to the problems currently weighing down our own health provisions."


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