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Margot Parker MEP - local authorities are having to push through CAZ plans

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 16 July 2018

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I read with interest the recent reports on Clean Air Zones, (CAZ), and agree wholeheartedly with the road transport groups, which say pricing UK trucks off the road is not the best way to reduce emissions.

Local authorities are having to push through CAZ plans and despite hauliers reducing emissions by nearly a half since 2014, they are the ones paying the price.

Let us remember that haulage companies are absolutely vital to the prosperity of local economies across the country.

They need to adapt and change and this obsessive drive could lead to more pollution, not less. For example, if commercial vehicles cannot be adapted quickly enough then it will lead increase in vans - most of which are diesel. More vans, more diesel, more pollution.



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