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Margot Parker MEP - letter on Leicestershire County Council loan

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 12 March 2018

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To The Editor.

I was somewhat bewildered to read in your paper that Leicestershire County Council has loaned millions of pounds to its financially struggling neighbour in Northamptonshire.
An unsecured £5m with 0.75 per cent interest apparently.
The situation in Northamptonshire seems to get worse each passing dayy and it ireally is crunch time for the county's finances with the budget proposals tied up in legal knots and wrangles.
The people of Northamptonshire deserve answers on how the council has found itself in this mess and now, apparently, so do those council tax payers who live in Leicestershire.
I find myself in agreement with Liberal Democrat Leicestershire county councillor Bill Boulter, who said the loan should not have been made as there was enough indication Northamptonshire was in financial trouble before it was made.
Yet, Leicestershire County Council still saw fit to lend the money.
Yours faithfully,
Margot Parker, East Midlands MEP

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