Margot Parker MEP - "let the public decide"

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 21 August 2017

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To The Editor,

Dear Sir,

The public must be listened to - when more than 4,000 people feel strongly enough to sign a petition, then the authorities must take heed.

I am referring to the controversial plans for a poultry farm with a capacity for 540,000 birds on the outskirts of Rushden.

The applicants want to diversify their existing farming business and build units for an eye-popping 540,000 chickens.

Numerous objections have been raised on health, transport and environmental grounds and the will of the people must be considered.

Applications of this magnitude, which attract huge interest among residents, should surely be subject to a local referendum?

Yours faithfully,

Margot Parker, MEP for Rushden


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