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Margot Parker MEP - gender pay gap still exists

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 8 March 2019

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It was interesting to note that on International Women's Day, I read a report from the Office of National Statistics, which stated that the gender pay gap still exists.

It decreased from 2017 to 2018, with a gap of 8.6 per cent, but that gap is still there!

Is it any wonder, when women have to contend with various hurdles to access the labour market? From workplace discrimination, to the affordability of childcare.

Research shows antiquated views of women returning from maternity leave are still prevalent, with cases of women being made redundant or, experiencing some form of discrimination in the work place, resulting in many having to leave employment.

Although at the beginning of the year, the Government announced it would be bringing in measures and legal protections to aid pregnant women, such as shared parental leave, so much more needs to be done to narrow the gender pay gap to support and assist women back into the work place.

The costs of childcare is a another case in point - boosting accessibility to affordable childcare can result in increased productivity of the economy and enhance labour force participation.

Factors such as discrimination in the work place and the cost of childcare, can be detrimental to narrowing the gender pay gap, and the long term and overall well-being of women.

International Women's Day again gave us all the chance to celebrate the achievements and the steps which have been made over the years but there is much more work to be done, both at home and abroad.


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