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Margot Parker MEP Foreign aid must be channeled to the right causes

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 10 April 2018

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MARGOT Parker has reacted to news which revealed Britain is now just one of only five countries to meet the UN's foreign aid target.

The UK gives nearly double compared to the average of all countries, new figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development showed.

This is equivalent to the UK's foreign aid budget accounting for £1 of every £8 given by  developed countries, with even Germany failing to give the required 0.7 per cent of its national income on overseas aid last year.

Mrs Parker, MEP for the East Midlands, said: "The whole system needs an overhaul - our bloated aid budget is too often spent on ridiculous schemes and projects and with increasing amounts being funnelled through the EU, meaning we have little or no say on where it is being spent.

"We have heard of our money going to ludicrous schemes, such as help for coconut farmers in the Caribbean, the promotion African dancing and the funding of juggling lessons in Tanzania, as well as cash going to countries such as China and India.

"We must help countries which need support - that is a crucial - but we also must have a say on where the money is going."




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