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Margot Parker MEP - Fight against FGM goes on

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 29 June 2018

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MEP Margot Parker has vowed to continue the fight against female genital mutilation, (FGM).

She was speaking after a report revealed that since Kenya banned the practice in 2011, FGM is now increasingly conducted underground, secretly in homes or in clinics by healthcare providers and workers.

She said: ""More action against must be taken against the perpetrators of female genital mutilation. We have to stand up and put a stop to this abhorrent practice.

"The physical and mental trauma this appalling practice causes is heart-breaking for the victims.

"But it is not just about prosecuting the perpetrators - because while research has shown religious beliefs can sustain and perpetuate FGM it also shows that religious leaders are instrumental in changing the mind-sets of those who still believe that the practice should be carried out.

"We must collaborate with religious leaders by reaching out to and educating individuals and those in their communities that perform, advocate for, or take their children to undergo the procedure.

"It should be driven home that there is no legitimate justification in any regard, religious, health, or otherwise, for FGM. It is a dangerous and illegal practice."

The report stated that in Kenya, there was evidence scrupulous medical personnel collude with parents to circumvent the law by cutting girls in their homes or in their private clinics away from public view.





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