Margot Parker MEP - "despicable attack on a Second World War soldier's grave in Lutterworth"

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 17 August 2017

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To The Editor,

Dear Sir,

The mind boggles. What is wrong with people? I am writing about the despicable attack on a Second World War soldier's grave in Lutterworth.

Some low life smeared excrement on the headstone of of 24-year-old Royal Engineer Reg Granger.

What a disgusting and mindless act. The vandalism has caused a storm on social media and I'm not surprised.

Like most people I cannot get into the mind of an idiot like this who presumably thinks it is funny to disrespect someone who died fighting for their country and fighting for the likes of this imbecile to live in a free society.

I really do hope the publicity given to this vandalism attack leads the police to find the idiot responsible so that he can be named and shamed.

Kind regards,

Margot Parker MEP for Leicestershire



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