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Margot Parker MEP Closing the gender pay gap must be the priority

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 9 April 2018

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'...Margot Parker MEP speaks out after NHS pay gap figures released...'

MARGOT Parker MEP has called for the gender pay gap to be closed in the NHS.

The East Midlands MEP was reacting to news of the gap between men and women's pay across the NHS.

The results covered more than one million workers in England from doctors and managers to nurses and cleaners and revealed the average full-time female worker is paid £28,702 a year in basic salary, compared to £37,470 average pay for men - a gap of more than 23 per cent.

In a report in the HSJ, (see links below), Health Education England was shown to have the largest pay gap with the median hourly rate for women more than 50 per cent lower than men. NHS England had the second largest pay gap with the Care Quality Commission the lowest on just one per cent.

Mrs Parker said: "Steps have been made, not just in the NHS but across all sectors.

"But more must be done. These figures could partly be because more men make it into higher positions - but that is also something which needs addressing."

Mrs Parker, who sits on the FEMM committee, (Women's Rights and Gender Equality), in the EU Parliament, said: "It cannot be right in the day and age we still see discrepancies and I feel the Government should be doing all it can to close gaps and provide equal opportunities for men and women in the NHS and beyond.

"I am keen to see women supported in the NHS, including those with young familes, so they can advance up the career ladder if they so wish."



Notes to Editors:

The report can be found on the Pulse website and on the HSJ website -


To read more on the NHS pay gap from Margot Parker MEP visit



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