Margot Parker MEP backs calls for beer tax cut

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 3 November 2017

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MARGOT Parker MEP has backed calls from Carlsberg to help the beer and pub trade.

The Northampton MEP and UKIP deputy leader said she supported the plea from chief executive of Carlsberg UK, Julian Momen.

She said she hoped Northampton South MP Andrew Lewer would support Mr Momen's request for the Government to cut beer tax.

She said: "Taxes on beer in the UK are among the highest in Europe.

"Pubs are closing on a daily basis and this is a great shame for local neighbourhoods and communities.

"UKIP believes the pub is the beating heart of our communities. They are integral to the way this country is perceived abroad and are a mainstay of our lives. Public houses enrich our society.

"Pubs are where friends are made and where' wrongs are righted!'

"They are environments where all are welcome - they are part of the fabric of our society, but due to successive Government policies they are under threat."

"I hope MPs come out against a further tax hike. Pubs are vital to our cities, towns and villages - higher taxes are just one measure which is hitting the pubs greatly."

She said UKIP had worked closely with pub groups over the past few years to try to protect jobs, pubs and breweries.




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