Margot Parker, appalled, war veteran, shopping stolen

Margot Parker MEP - appalled to read of the 95-year-old war veteran having his shopping stolen

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 29 April 2019

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I was absolutely appalled to read of the 95-year-old war veteran having his shopping stolen while picking up litter at a bus stop in Lincolnshire.

What on earth is society coming to?

Harry Minns, 95, had just finished his weekly shopping at and was sitting at the bus stop in when he bent over to pick up some litter - some low-life then grabbed his rucksack full of groceries.

This is despicable behaviour and whoever is responsible should hang their head in shame, although I very doubt they will feel much remorse.

Respect for the elderly, and in general, seems to be dying out among many people - it is truly horrendous.

Mr Minns has said he has been 'blown away' by the response from the public with offers of help - these people do, in part, restore my faith in human nature.


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