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Margot Parker MEP - Action has to be taken on 'gender apartheid' app

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 11 February 2019

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MARGOT Parker MEP has called for action to be taken on the Absher app in Saudi Arabia which is allowing men to track their female 'dependents' if they try to leave the country.

The app - run by the Interior Ministry - messages them whenever the women use their passports.

Accusations have been made against both Apple and Google, which offers the app, amid claims of 'enforcing gender apartheid'.

Mrs Parker, an East Midlands MEP and campaigner for women's rights and equality, said: "This app is sinister - it allows men to specify when and how women can cross Saudi borders, and to even receive close to real-time text updates when they travel.

"It is astonishing this type of control over women is happening in the 21st century.

"International pressure must be put both on the companies providing this app and the Saudi government.

"There should simply be no place for this type of controlling and abusive behaviour in today's world."



To read The Insider article on the Absher app click -





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