Margot Parker horrified at gruesome execution of gay men

Delivered by Margot Parker on 4 August 2015

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THIS is truly unacceptable - that is the message from the area's UKIP MEP, who says she is horrified at the gruesome executions of gay men by terror group ISIS.

Shocking images released by ISIS extremists showed the murder of two young men for being gay. In the video the victims have their hands tied behind their back and are pushed to their deaths by armed militants. Their bodies are then stoned as they lie on the ground.

UKIP's East Midlands MEP Margot Parker said: "This is truly horrendous - we have to stand up to this barbarism - this is brutality at its worst. Executing people because they are homosexual - the mind boggles."

Reports had suggested the videos were made after a directive from ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that execution videos should be banned. 

Mrs Parker said: "This is completely inhumane - banning the videos, or 'watering down' the clips is not acceptable. Banning the executions themselves is the only just,  humane and proper action which should be taken."












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