NEWSLETTER - September 2016

Delivered by Margot Parker on 4 October 2016

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"WE did it - we won the referendum and we started the process of freeing ourselves from the shackles of the European Union. "The vote will change this country for the better and lead to more opportunities for people nationwide. All of you who worked so hard to achieve Brexit can be so proud of yourselves. "But....there is still work to do, both at home and in the corridors of power within the EU. Many of the 'Remain' side are not accepting the will of the people and are trying to stop, thwart or hold-up Brexit. Others are calling for a second referendum. "We need to keep showing that will and desire to leave the EU to our new Prime Minister - 'Brexit means Brexit'  shes aid - now let's push on and trigger Article 50. "Of course, we also have a new leader now in UKIP and as UKIP MEP for the region, I would like to send my congratulations to our new leader Diane James. "I would also like to add my voice to all the tributes which have already been paid to Nigel Farage. Thousands played a part in the Brexit campaign, but I doubt we would  have won it without his tireless efforts, both during the campaign, and during the two decades when he led, inspired and nurtured our party.


"Of course, he will be a hard act follow, but I wish Diane every success as the new party leader and we know she has the skills, the character and the determination. "We also know she can count on the support of our members across the East Midlands and the rest of the country, to lead us on our final few steps towards independence and beyond."


"FRIDAY 16 September 2016 saw UKIP embark on a new era with my election as the new leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

"During my acceptance speech I noted that it is truly an honour to lead UKIP which won the European elections in 2014 and easily came third by number of votes cast in the 2015 General Election, even if we were handicapped by a flawed and morally bankrupt 'first past the post' electoral system.

"I also declared my objective for UKIP to become the 'opposition in waiting' in the UK.

"I was and am absolutely adamant that UKIP, on behalf of 17.4 million voters, will not accept 'Brexit lite' and that it is:

·         NO to EU associate membership

·         NO to Single Market controls

·         NO to unrestricted and uncontrolled freedom of movement into this country for 450 million EU citizens

 "...and YES to

 ·        A 100 per cent EU exit

·         A sovereign independent UK

·         A UK free to make trade deals with whoever and whenever

·         Controlled immigration, allowing entry regardless of origin to  
           those with the skills & expertise this country desires

"The opposition narrative to undermine UKIP however continues unabated. I have been asked some ridiculous questions since I have become leader including this one: "Who are my 'political heroes'?" Ridiculous questions demand ridiculous answers like those reported because in today's multi-faceted, fast paced, complex, inter-connected world, 'Hero Leadership' is an antiquated concept.

"Political parties may have a person at the helm but behind that is a team focused on winning. Today's successful leaders build and direct teams. Successful political parties are using new tools but fundamentally are built on a collegiate approach to policy making and explanation to voters. This is the winning political formula in the modern age.

"It has been my absolute pleasure during my nationwide 'Meet Diane4Leader' events to interact with the grassroots talent of UKIP across the country. Looking to the future I will be encouraging many of them to 'step up' and take more prominent roles in UKIP at all levels. So if asked again about who are today's 'political heroes' my answer will always be - the hardworking members of UKIP.

"Without UKIP members, as a democratic force in UK politics, the UK would not have had the EU Referendum, not won the vote for Leave and will be not be able to ensure that this Tory Government delivers a global trading, outward looking, Brexit Britain."


by Constituency Manager Barry Cooper

IT has been a bit of a strange summer. Traditionally things are relatively quiet at this time of year when both the Westminster and EU parliaments are in recess. This year we have had the twin events of a leadership election within UKIP as well as a large number of branches holding emergency general meetings (EGMs) to discuss the National Executive Committee (NEC) and constitutional reform in general.

Regarding the former, I join Margot and I am sure all of you in congratulating Diane James and warmly welcoming her as our new leader. I am excited about the future with her at the helm and I am sure the best days for UKIP are yet to come.

As regards the latter, myself and regional chairman Alan Graves have been chairing the meetings for any branch which has decided to hold an EGM, as per our constitutional responsibilities. 

We have been very determined to remain as neutral as possible throughout the process, and have both been struck by how different each branch's reasons for discussing an EGM, the NEC and constitutional reform are. Overall, we have been encouraged at the level of passion for the party in evidence and the engagement of branches in the future of UKIP.

With a new leader in charge it is likely a fair amount of change will take place in the coming months - myself, my fellow Regional Organiser Paul Oakden and Alan will make sure we keep you informed through your branches, so please stay in touch with your local branch to keep abreast of what is going on.

Thanks again for your loyalty and support for the party, and for all your continued hard work.



by Press Officer Nick Tite
 IT was another momentous conference, this time in the pretty seaside town of Bournemouth. The sun shone as thousands of delegates made their way to the conference centre to hear a variety of speakers and crucially, who the new leader of the party would be. Of course, we now know that to be Diane James MEP, who received rapturous applause, but a big well done to all the leadership candidates who fought hard over the past few weeks. Along with the usual stalls and stands, we heard some great speakers, including those from outgoing leader Nigel Farage MEP and Margot's fellow East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer. Our previous MEP Derek Clark and his wife Jayne were also at the conference. Recognition awards for services to UKIP were also handed out and our very own Colin Mair and Richard Fairman, both UKIP County Councillors in Lincolnshire, received recognition.




by Barry Cooper

NEXT year we have county council elections throughout the region as well as possibly a "Greater Lincolnshire" mayoral race if the proposed devolution goes through. A number of other elections will doubtless take place at the same time, including by-elections accumulated in the months prior to May.

Many branches have already identified target wards and are "working the patch" well in advance. We still need as many candidates as we can get though, so if you want to stand as a UKIP council candidate next year, please get in touch with your local branch and offer your services. Please also approach good quality people who may not yet be a UKIP member but who may want to stand for election as a UKIP councillor (and who you think would do a good job!).

If you do not want to stand as a candidate, please consider approaching your branch with offers of help - any help for the campaign would be very welcome. Even delivering leaflets on a single street or putting up a window poster or board in your garden is valuable, so please let your branch know what you are prepared to do.

Please remember all UKIP candidates must pass a vetting procedure - no one who is not approved can stand as a UKIP candidate.


 ANOTHER busy few months for Margot as your MEP appeared regularly in print, online and on radio and television.

After a series of television appearances on The Politics Show and The Sunday Politics Show in the run-up to the EU vote, as well as appearing on both local and national radio stations, Margot was very much in demand in referendum week.

Some of the highlights included two appearances on Notts TV, being interviewed on BBC Derby, BBC Scotland and BBC Northampton, as well broadcasts from New Zealand and Germany.

On referendum night itself, she appeared in running commentary from local newspapers, including The Lincolnshire Echo and live Tweets from Margot featured on the websites of the local press - BBC Radio Northampton also ran a live broadcast with her. That was followed by reaction in The Northamptonshire Herald and PostThe Northampton Chronicle and Echo and BBC East Midlands. 

Since the referendum it has been a case of keeping Margot in the news as we push for Article 50 to be triggered, so despite the summer recess and so-called 'silly season' Margot has letters and articles published in papers across the East Midlands - including publication of her views on the Brexit team appointed by the new Prime Minister, property prices in Lincolnshire, trade deals with the rest of the world, the 'second' referendum,  minimum wages, the Scotland issue, trafficked children and even the price of spending a penny in new loos in Lincolnshire.
She has also joined the fight to save the accident and emergency unit at Grantham Hospital, bin collections in Lincolnshire, as well as hard-hitting campaigns on trafficked children and the sex industry.
Notts TV also invited her back for a lively debate in August and she also appeared in the BBC's prestigious Newsnight programme, live from Brussels, the week after the Brexit vote. The popular Talk Radio show also invited Margot on air for a Brexit chat.
 Her press releases and letters are all featured on her site -  with many of her pieces featured on the main UKIP site, such as speaking about the situation inGrantham regarding A&E hours, sensible aid to Africa post-Brexit and a comment on the "face her future" campaign, the gender pay gap and the ongoing 'Apple Tax' controversy. Margot has also started a monthly column in The Lincolnshire Reporter - she focused the first one on the hospital fight in Grantham. Margot has also started a monthly column in The Lincolnshire Reporter - she focused the first one on the hospital fight in Grantham. Her calls for an end to 'Project Fear' and the triggering of Article 50 have also featured heavily in the pages of East Midlands newspapers.

 One of the highlights of the past couple of weeks was her appearance on Peter Allen's Five Live MP panel show - a great opportunity to help spread the positivity of Brexit. She followed this up with another appearance on The Sunday Politics Show - you can see the show here.  And remember, I Tweet (@NickTite9) all of Margot's news and media appearances to reach digital channels so keep an eye out!

There's also the chance to catch up with Margot's speeches in Parliament - on Margot's website is a section which give access to the text of her speeches. You can watch videos of Margot's speech activity in the European Parliament here. Margot also has her own YouTube channel.


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