Letter on gender pay gap

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 25 July 2017

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To The Editor,

Dear Sir/Madam,

There have been some important points made about the both the scale of BBC salaries and importantly, the gender pay gap within the organisation.

Some of the most high-profile BBC female personalities have written an open letter to the Director General - a clear indicator of the strength of feeling over the gap in salaries.

I hope the disparity on salaries is addressed - it cannot be right that two people doing the same job are paid differently because of their sex.

But let us remember it is not just the BBC which has these disparities.

Last year, I highlighted a report which stated that, on average, women in paid work receive about 18 per cent less per hour than men - and the pay gap between men and women widens consistently for 12 years after the first child is born, by which point women receive 33 per cent less pay per hour than men.

We must look at getting this pay gap narrowed further, both at the BBC and beyond.

Yours faithfully,

Margot Parker, East Midlands MEP and UKIP Women and Equalities spokesperson






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