Letter on county council elections

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 10 May 2017

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To The Editor,


Dear Sir/Madam,


Undoubtedly, the county council election results for UKIP made difficult reading for UKIP and our supporters.


Many good councillors lost their seats as there was a huge national swing to the Tories.


But we would like to put on record our thanks to those councillors and indeed, those who worked tirelessly during the election campaign.


UKIP councillors made a huge difference to communities across our region and they should be proud of their achievements.


The recent successes of UKIP led the Tories to embrace and endorse our policies as they won seats up and down the country last week.


Without us there would have been no referendum and there would have been no Brexit. And the Tories would never have backed Brexit.


We are the victims of our own success but we will pick ourselves up and continue to fight for the Brexit the British people voted for.


Yours faithfully,


Roger Helmer and Margot Parker, UKIP MEPs for the East Midlands.


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