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Margot Parker MEP - feminine hygiene is not a 'choice'

23 October 2018

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It appears we are still no nearer getting the tax on sanitary products scrapped.
The EU looks set to have certain goods, such as taxes on products like tampons, abolished. This would mean the UK government can then implement a zero rate on these items.
But, in the EU council, this vote has to be decided unanimously. Therefore, if one country vetoes it, then it will not pass.
I understand representatives from one country have not even read the proposal and may be the one to veto it.
As it stands it could be six months or more before we see any progression.
In the UK women are still in 'period poverty' as the the Government is 'not allowed' to lower the VAT rate because of these EU rules, which class sanitary products as 'non-essential'.
What a ridiculous state of affairs - feminine hygiene is not a 'choice'.
Whatever happens in the coming months, once we leave the EU the Government must make good its promise to end this tax immediately.


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Margot Parker MEP - While tied to the EU, the UK still cannot set its own VAT rates

8 October 2018

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Australia has finally scrapped the tampon tax, which is something we in the UK can both applaud and learn from.

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Margot Parker MEP - end tampon tax

24 July 2018

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Margot Parker MEP, who has campaigned tirelessly against the 'tampon tax', has praised the authorities in India for scrapping its 12 per cent levy on sanitary products.

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