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PM finally catches up on VAT MOSS

2 October 2015

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I was delighted to read in your paper that the Prime Minister has entered the fight to protect British entrepreneuers.
I just wonder where he was in January when myself, as UKIP's small business spokesman, started the fight against VAT MOSS - a tough EU regime for online start-ups. It appears Mr Cameron has now caught up and agrees.
The rules forced companies selling goods online to pay VAT in every country they trade in, rather than where the company is based.
A bit late to the table I think Mr Prime Minister.
Mr Cameron's lobbying of the EU and the subsequent revision of these laws is of course, welcome, but rather late. It is certainly too late for those businesses who have already gone bust due to these draconian laws.

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Government fails to protect small business

24 June 2015

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"Now the election is over, I hope the Government starts to focus on the task in hand.

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