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Margot Parker on migration and skilled workers

20 February 2017

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Hear Margot Parker MEP talking about immigration and skilled workers on BBC Leicester Breakfast Show - about one hour and nine minutes in - listen here 

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Margot Parker welcomes change of stance but hopes it's not too late

8 November 2016

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has made a number of abrupt changes to its apparent stance on mass migration in the last few days.

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We have to exit the EU - then we can control our borders and make a fairer system for everyone

8 October 2015

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I was not entirely unsurprised when I read your article, Nottinghamshire schools struggle to cope with influx of migrant families.

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Another case to say no to the EU

27 August 2015

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It was astonishing, (although not wholly surprising) when I read your article, 'How sex criminals convicted in the EU are free to come to Britain because just six members states have registers to keep track of offenders, August 24, 2105).

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Margot Parker - we need control of our borders

14 July 2015

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There has been much in the media lately on the problems of migrants breaking into lorries heading to the UK.

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