Now is the time to speak up

18 September 2015

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During his campaign to become the MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire, Tom Pursglove sent a letter to constituency voters in which he made a very large play of his 'Eurosceptic' credentials and his commitment to campaigning alongside myself and UKIP on the OUT side during the upcoming referendum on Britain's EU membership.

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Small business owners are starting to realise that the EU affects their businesses in a profound way

17 September 2015

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Following the publication of a Federation of Small Businesses survey conducted with 6,000 of its members, UKIP's spokesman for Small Businesses Margot Parker MEP commented on the findings.

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UKIP slams ECJ's Working Time judgement as harmful to small businesses

10 September 2015

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Margot Parker MEP, UKIP spokeswoman on small business has demanded that the ECJ stop interfering in British small business after they ruled today that time spent travelling to and from appointments by workers with no fixed office should be classed as working time. 

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Yet another failed Tory promise - this time on bins

7 September 2015

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Yet another failed Tory promise it seems - this time as they have reneged on their promise to go back to weekly bin collections.

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