High speed vanity projects

Delivered by on 31 July 2014


I was interested to read the views of Derbyshire business leaders in a recent edition of The Derby Telegraph.

They were expressing the hope that plans for a third high-speed rail link would not come at the expense of businesses in Derbyshire and indeed, across the East Midlands.

The recent announcement of plans for HS3 would, according to the Government cut journey times in the north. Well, we in UKIP are yet to be convinced of the benefits of HS2!

The Chamber of Commerce for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire said both HS2 and HS3 should not come at the expense of investment in rail infrastructure in the East Midlands.

Well, these vanity projects do come at the expense of investment in rail not only here in the East Midlands but nationwide.

The country simply cannot afford HS2 and HS3 - the money should be spent on improving our rail network countrywide, not lavished on this scheme - what's right for mainland Europe isn't necessarily right for us.

Yours faithfully,

Margot Parker, UKIP MEP for Derbyshire.











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