Expensive and useless - throw windfarm plans in the bin

Delivered by on 1 August 2014


So protesters against another one of these ghastly windfarms have won a fresh battle in their campaign.

This time at Hemswell Cliff, where developers wanted to install 10 wind turbines taller than Lincoln Cathedral.

Secretary of State for Local Government and the Environment Eric Pickles has called in the scheme after the developers launched an appeal objecting to the rejection of their plan.

I can only hope Mr Pickles now comes to the right decision and puts this plan where it belongs, in the bin.

I will help any residents objecting to these proposals - these turbines are expensive, unsightly and useless - they don't work, they aren't green and ironically they start life with a two to three year C02 deficit.

Yours faithfully,

Margot Parker, UKIP MEP for Lincolnshire.










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