Euro MP Margot Parker steps into row after council ordered to pay back £150,000 of EU funding

Delivered by on 30 July 2014


Newly-elected Mansfield MEP Margot Parker has hit out at the 'heavy hand of EU legislation' as the row over European funding in the town rumbles on.

Mrs Parker has spoken out after Mansfield District Council failed in a High Court order that it must repay more than £150,000 in EU funding for regeneration around Mansfield Woodhouse train station.

The Judge agreed with the Government's decision that the council had breached EU requirements by failing to open up the tender process to contractors on the Continent ahead of granting contracts to A&S Enterprises.

Mrs Parker said: "The British economy is being out out to tender - it's disgraceful and illustrates the over-arching reach the EU has on our businesses.

"I believe in competition - of course I do but this decision is all about the EU and all about its control over us.

"I want local jobs, local businesses to thrive - this is another example of why we have to get out of this wretched EU."

She said the decision to order the council to repay the money was made by the Coalition Government.






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