EU hits small business

Delivered by Margot Parker on 2 October 2015

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Following the publication of a Federation of Small Businesses survey conducted with 6,000 of its members, UKIP's spokesman for Small Businesses Margot Parker MEP commented on the findings.

"The poll results show that small business owners are starting to realise that the EU affects their businesses in a profound way. I am not surprised that small business owners are more 'Eurosceptic' than big business - after all, the EU is designed to make the lives of large companies and corporations easier.

What is clear from the survey is that small business owners want more information about the EU and how leaving or staying might impact their businesses. UKIP, and no doubt other organisations campaigning on the 'leave' side, will be reaching out to small business owners and making a case for leaving the EU.

We particularly need to show the 37.7% of small business owners who believe that their businesses are not affected by EU membership one way or the other that they are incorrect in their assumptions. The sheer volume of EU regulations - thousands of pages of it - that impact small businesses is undeniable. If we stay in, this regulatory burden and the administrative costs it causes, will only increase.

 42.7% of small business owners want to strengthen trading ties with the world beyond the EU. This is impossible while all trade negotiations are conducted on our behalf by the EU. Away from the EU we can properly engage with the world and negotiate our own trade deals to the benefit of small businesses and the economy as a whole.

We are seeing more and more assessments from non-political groups that the UK businesses have nothing to fear from being free from political union with the EU. UKIP has been saying this for years, and we are very happy to see that people are starting to listen."









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