Disgraceful that East Midlands food producer recruiting 300 workers from Hungary when 500 local people doing same task lost their jobs earlier this year – UKIP MEP Margot Parker

Delivered by Margot Parker on 10 November 2014

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Greencore, Britain's biggest sandwich maker, is looking to Hungary for over 300 workers for a food processing factory due to open in 2016, with the head of HR saying that the jobs available were "not always the kind of work" British people wanted to do. This is despite the fact that over 500 jobs were lost earlier in the year at a nearby Solway food factory in the neighbouring town of Corby, 20 miles away which performed virtually identical duties.

"It is clear that despite a token effort from Greencore to appeal to the redundant workers from Solway, the availability of cheap labour from Europe has helped put over 500 Britons out of work." said UKIP MEP Margot Parker. She added, "Why is Greencore recruiting 300 workers from Hungary to open a factory in Northampton, when 500 people in Corby lost jobs doing same job this year? It looks like a prime example of job displacement, facilitated by our membership of the EU and a company which wants the cheapest labour available. It is hard to justify saying there is lack of skilled people in the area when 500 workers just up the road doing the same job recently lost their jobs and are willing to work."

Greencore's chief financial officer, Alan Williams, stated earlier in the year that the new factory should bring hundreds of jobs to the area.

However, Margot Parker commented, "It is apparent that the availability of cheap labour from Hungary is more important than the livelihoods of local people. It is doubly galling that the taxes paid by ex-Corby workers will subsidise the tax credits of the new Hungarian employees. Talk about sticking the knife in."

"A report by GMB union a few months ago found that there has been a 13.8% fall In real wages since 2008. Taken in tandem with job displacement like this, it is clear that ordinary British workers are the big losers to mass immigration facilitated by EU membership."
Margot Parker, UKIP MEP for the East Midlands, has accused Andy Sawford, the local Labour MP of letting the people of the East Midlands down as it was his party that that signed the Lisbon treaty and opened the door to 480 million people across Europe, driving down wages and putting hundreds of local people out of work. She continues to say that she would lobby Greencore to continue searching for British employees, as it is clear that there are plenty of local people available with the expertise for the jobs.


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