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Child marriage must stop - Margot Parker MEP calls for end to vile practice

Delivered by Margot Parker, on 17 July 2018

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UK MEP Margot Parker has called for an end to the horrors of child marriages.

She said the lack of respect for women and girls had to be halted and adhering to cultural and social traditions perpetuated discrimination against women.

She said: "I passionately believe the international community has to do more to stop the horrors of child marriage - it is sickening and has no place in a civilised world.

"Make no mistake - this is a crime, an abhorrent crime. It threatens societies and it threatens and hinders integration.

"Figures show 250 million women worldwide are believed to have entered a marriage before the age of 15 - this is awful.

"A full and frank discussion is needed."

She was speaking after figures showed 91,000 underage children as young as 14 have been forced into marriage in South Africa.

Reports revealed The Centre for Child Law's 2015 report by UNICEF showed child marriage is a problem across Africa.

In West and Central Africa, 42 per cent of females are married as children, in sub-Saharan Africa it is 40 per cent, and in East and southern Africa child marriage affected 37 per cent of girls.

Mrs Parker said: "This is child abuse - pure and simple and religious and cultural practices have to change."

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