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Delivered by Margot Parker on 16 May 2016

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UKIP's small business spokesman Margot Parker hailed business leaders who have called on Britain to vote to leave the EU.

The UKIP MEP for the East Midlands agreed with bosses who penned a letter saying the UK's competitiveness was undermined by our membership.

Margot said: "It's a welcome boost to the campaign to leave - these business leaders are saying what we in UKIP have been saying - that our businesses aren't free to operate while being strangled by red tape and EU dictats.

"It is true that Brexit would generate job creation free us from the laws and regulations handed down by the EU."

She said:

  • The EU is designed to help large corporations - NOT small companies
  • As few as five per cent of SMEs export to the EU, yet 100 per cent have to comply with EU regulations
  • SMEs import more from outside the EU than from EU member states
  • It can cost SMEs up to 10 times as much per employee to administer EU compliance compared to a large company
  • EU led issues (such as the steel industry crisis) impact on SMEs in the supply chains of larger companies
  • The threat TTIP represents to the NHS puts many small businesses working with the NHS at risk
  • Out of the EU our government could slash regulation and reduce administrative costs
  • Out of the EU our government could more easily create legislation to support small businesses
  • Out of the EU SMEs could be supported and preferred when competing for public sector contracts
  • By leaving the EU we could lower energy prices to make all businesses more competitive
  • Out of the EU we could negotiate our own trade deals, open new export markets and reduce tariffs.

The letter is also signed by hundreds of people linked to SMES from up and down the country.


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